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Here's the temporary site
Hey guys. This site is just the temporary FreeServers builder page, until I can get a real site up with HTML. Check out some screenshots and some info on RenderSama...

.plan has what I've done and what needs to be done, and a (IMHO) cool journal of what I added/changed everyday.

Check the About section for info on what RenderSama is.
News, hot off the hotdog stand!
08/02/02: Where have I been? I've been planning. And also, the project leader who I started this for has been out of communication for as of yet unknown reasons. I have some really good ideas to try, and might be posting the overall plan for the engine, what the engine will handle, the plugin structure, occlusion/visibility determination methods I'm planning, and such. but that may be a week away. for now, I'm sitting tight.

07/20/02: I forgot to add I updated the screenshots section with some (imho) really nice shots. I'm working on a DX8 plugin but not liking it.

07/18/02: Another .plan journal update

07/17/02: Big .plan update.

07/16/02: .plan update

07/15/02: Added Mission section. Check it out for where I plan to take this engine (in general), and what I'm going to be doing with this site.
07/15/02: Updated .plan page, did some internal engine work

07/14/02: Engine shoud progress within the next week. I don't yet know what the next *CRUCIAL* features are for the person I'm working with, so I'm not as motivated. It'll pick up soon though (as long as I'm not overtired next week).

07/12/02: Site goes up with some screenshots and a little info